Additional Family History Sites

Family History Photos & Documents
(A collection of historical photos and documents (i.e. certificates, notices etc) as well other source material relevant to our family history and not included on this site)

2020 Kuilboer Family Reunion
(Photos etc from the reunion)

Old Kuilboer Photos
Old photos prior to 1972.
Most of the photos were taken by Alf and Hanny Kuilboer or others but there are also many photos that have been given by family friends. The quality is as scanned or given. They have been recorded digitally for prosperity.
There are five groups named K's Old Photos Pt 1 -5. There is explanation for each part at the start of each collection. There is some duplication because some photos were scanned as photos and later as negatives or even slides.
Sorry but they are mostly uncatalogued so if you have any information about them please provide your feedback to Michael Kuilboer at Please use the file name in your feedback to identify the photo - thanks

Hamilton Dutchies
A website by Michael Kuilboer with links to photos of some off the Dutch Families that lived in Hamilton. The links are to the families of A & J Kuilboer, J & C Rijnders, B & T Kuilboer, B & G Harberts, C & B Schlaghecke, J & K DeNatris and H & P Goossens. The photos are those on my computer, most taken by my parents but also some that have come from other people. Each family has albums that include all photos of the family and also each member (including some



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