Florence YOUNG, 1890

Florence /YOUNG/
Given names
Birth of a brother
Birth of a brother
Death of a brother
Note: Thomas Young, was born 1895 and died at the age of 9 week's. And buried on 15 December 1895 at the Ballarat New cemetery, Area: Presbyterian B, Section: 1, Row:-, Grave: 13.
Death of a father
Cause: Exhaustion Tubercular disease of lungs
Note: Death of John Young. Cause of Death: Exhaustion Tubercular disease of lungs. Death Certificate: 12292. Born: Melbourne. Lived life in Victoria. Trade: Drover.
Burial of a father
Note: Obituary of John Young:

Obituary of John Young:
The Funeral of the late Mr John Young, took place at the Ballarat New Cemetery and was largely attended. About 50 Master butchers and employees marched in front of the hearse.
The Hon. J.W.Kirton, M.L.A,. Crs J. Fleming and G. Davis, and Messrs F. Praetz, J. H. Peady, Jas. Peady, A.Turner, F. Dunn. J.M. Robinson, and J. Davies were the pall-bearers; and the coffin bearers were Messrs G. Leonard, J. Russ, H. Humchen, and A. Smith.
The Rev, W. Fraser conducted services at the house and grave.
Messrs Jordan and Tippet carried out the funeral arrangements.

Note: Burial of John Young. Age: 40 of ligur street, Ballarat, Victoria, Burial taking place at the Ballarat New cemetery, Presbyterian B, Section 1, Row: - , Grave: 13, Go to the story of the Orbituary, of the funeral of John Young.
Marriage of a sister
Address: Presbyterian Church
Marriage of a sister
Death of a mother
Death of a sister
Cause: Drowned in Murray River
Death of a sister
Burial of a mother
Family with parents
Birth: December 5, 1857 29 29 West Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Death: October 5, 1902Ballarat, Victoria, Australia
Birth: February 8, 1859 32 32 Geelong, Victoria, Australia
Death: August 8, 1932Ballarat, Victoria, Australia
Marriage MarriageDecember 24, 1881Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
9 months
elder brother
1917 Martin James Young
Birth: September 11, 1882 24 23 Ballarat, Victoria, Australia
14 months
elder sister
Birth: October 23, 1883 25 24 Ballarat, Victoria, Australia
Death: October 4, 1933Red Cliffs, Victoria, Australia
3 years
elder sister
Birth: May 15, 1886 28 27 Ballarat East, Victoria, Australia
18 months
elder sister
Eva Mary Young
Birth: November 11, 1887 29 28 Ballarat, Victoria, Australia
Death: March 30, 1955Ballarat, Victoria, Australia
2 years
Birth: March 4, 1890 32 31 Ballarat, Victoria, Australia
5 years
younger brother
15 months
younger brother
William Young Vic BDM Details
Birth: 1895 37 35 Ballarat, Victoria, Australia
Death: 1895Ballarat, Victoria, Australia

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