William ADIE, 1815

William /ADIE/
Given names
Birth of a daughter
Malster's Servant
1851 (aged 36 years)
Marriage of a daughter
Note: Marriage Between William Telford senior, and Janet Adie. Janet Telford formerly Adie, is with child
Birth of a grandson
Marriage of a daughter
Marriage of a grandson
Address: St Patricks Cathederal
Note: William Telford & Bridget Doolan married Ballarat,…William Telford & Bridget Doolan married Ballarat, Victoria, 188010 June 1880Saint Patrick's Cathedral, Ballarat, Victoria, Australia.Photo of wedding certificate of William Telford and Bridget Doolan.
Death of a daughter
Death of a grandson
Cause: Heart Failure
Note: Death of William Telford, Cause of death. Heart Failure. Ballarat, Victoria, I was told that Birth and Marriage Certificates are more reliable than Death Certifcate, Marriage certificate say's he was born: Ballarat, Death Certif: 15405 Sandhurst, Victoria.
Burial of a grandson
Note: Burial: William Telford, at the Roman Catholic Area: A, of the Ballarat New cemetery, Section: 8, Row: - Grave: 9.
Family with Eurphemia LINDSAY
Birth: about 1815Kinross, Perth and Kincross Shire, Scotland
Marriage Marriage
Birth: April 15, 1833 18 18 Midlothian, Scotland
Death: April 18, 1903Wattle Flat, Victoria, Australia

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