William HOLME

William /HOLME/
Given names
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Note: Will 3-9-1768 (PRO, copied): Robert Holme of Low Coathill: sons Isaac and William, daughters Mary

Will 3-9-1768 (PRO, copied): Robert Holme of Low Coathill: sons Isaac and William, daughters Mary
(m. John Collinson), Martha (m. John Burthom), Ann (m. Joseph Collinson), Isabel (m. Celles?
Bell), Margaret (m. George Barnfather) each ten shillings; wife Margaret and son Thomas "...and
all else". Note: Martha and Margaret mentioned in will, Elizabeth and Jane missing. Same girls???,

Death of a mother
Family with parents
Birth: Coathill, Cumberland, England
Burial: June 11, 1682Wetheral, Cumberland, England
Marriage Marriage
Birth: Low Coathill, Cumberland, England
Death: about 1768

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