Margrett SLATER,

Margrett /SLATER/
Given names
MarriageRobert HOLMEView this family

Birth of a daughterAnn HOLME

Birth of a sonThomas HOLME

Birth of a daughterMary HOLME

Birth of a daughterIsabell HOLME

Birth of a sonIsaac HOLME

Birth of a sonWilliam HOLME

Birth of a daughterElizabeth HOLME

Birth of a daughterJane HOLME

FAM:ORDIRobert HOLMEView this family
June 2, 1715
Christening of a daughterAnn HOLME
November 17, 1717
Christening of a sonThomas HOLME
February 28, 1719
Christening of a daughterMary HOLME
December 7, 1721
Christening of a daughterIsabell HOLME
January 27, 1723
Birth of a daughterMartha HOLME
about 1724

Birth of a daughterMargaret HOLME
about 1726

Christening of a sonIsaac HOLME
October 25, 1727
Christening of a sonWilliam HOLME
November 5, 1729
Christening of a daughterElizabeth HOLME
November 24, 1731
Christening of a daughterJane HOLME
September 26, 1733
Marriage of a childThomas HOLMEMary BIRDView this family
December 27, 1753
Christening of a grandsonJoseph HOLME
November 17, 1754
Christening of a granddaughterAnn HOLME
March 11, 1756
Christening of a granddaughterMary HOLME
November 24, 1757
Christening of a grandsonThomas HOLME(S)
October 2, 1759
Christening of a grandsonWilliam HOLME
March 7, 1764
Death of a husbandRobert HOLME
about 1768

Note: Will 3-9-1768 (PRO, copied): Robert Holme of Low Coathill: sons Isaac and William, daughters Mary

Will 3-9-1768 (PRO, copied): Robert Holme of Low Coathill: sons Isaac and William, daughters Mary (m. John Collinson), Martha (m. John Burthom), Ann (m. Joseph Collinson), Isabel (m. Celles? Bell), Margaret (m. George Barnfather) each ten shillings; wife Margaret and son Thomas "...and all else". Note: Martha and Margaret mentioned in will, Elizabeth and Jane missing. Same girls???,

Christening of a grandsonJohn HOLME
January 7, 1768
Marriage of a grandsonThomas HOLME(S)Elizabeth BOWMANView this family
May 12, 1784
Marriage of a grandsonAnn HOLMEView this family
November 5, 1788
Death of a sonThomas HOLME
about 1800

Note: Will: 15 July 1797 (PRO, copied): Thomas Holmes of Low Coathill: son John, surgeon at

Will: 15 July 1797 (PRO, copied): Thomas Holmes of Low Coathill: son John, surgeon at Warwickbridge(?) £5; daughter Ann (m. Christopher Storey) £30; son Thomas "... and all else",

Family with Robert HOLME
Birth: Low Coathill, Cumberland, England
Death: about 1768
Marriage Marriage
Birth: Coathill, Cumberland, England
16 months
Birth: Coathill, Cumberland, England
Death: about 1800
3 years
Birth: Coathill, Cumberland, England
14 months
Birth: Coathill, Cumberland, England
23 months
3 years
22 months
Birth: Coathill, Cumberland, England
2 years
Birth: Low Coathill, Cumberland, England
2 years
Birth: Low Coathill, Cumberland, England
22 months
Birth: Low Coathill, Cumberland, England

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