Gordie /MCARDEL/
Given names

Birth of a daughterEsther MCARDEL
about 1826
Marriage of a childJohn DOOLANEsther MCARDELView this family
about 1850

Birth of a granddaughterBridget DOOLAN
August 3, 1855
Marriage of a granddaughterWilliam John TELFORDBridget DOOLANView this family
June 10, 1880
Address: St Patricks Cathederal
Note: William Telford & Bridget Doolan married Ballarat,…William Telford & Bridget Doolan married Ballarat, Victoria, 188010 June 1880Saint Patrick's Cathedral, Ballarat, Victoria, Australia.Photo of wedding certificate of William Telford and Bridget Doolan.
Death of a daughterEsther MCARDEL
Note: Esther Doolan nee McArdle, wife of John Doolan died at the age of 57, October 1883 in Dead Horse, now Invermay, Victoria, Australia. Esther was buried in the Ballarat Old cemetery, on the 30 October 1883
Burial of a daughterEsther MCARDEL
October 30, 1883
Note: Burial of Esther Doolan nee McArdle, took place at the Ballarat Old cemetery, Victoria, Australia, Intered with her husband John Doolan, Area E1, Section: 7, Row: 1, Grave: 6.
Death of a granddaughterBridget DOOLAN
August 17, 1899
Burial of a granddaughterBridget DOOLAN
August 17, 1899


Gordie MCARDEL + … …
Birth: about 1826Carlow, Leinster, Ireland
Death: 1883Invermay, Ballarat, Victoria, Australia

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