Petrus DE MEEL,

Petrus /DE MEEL/
Given names

MarriageMaria Petronella LOHUISView this family
March 5, 1845


Birth of a sonMartinus Petrus DE MEEL
about 1847

Birth of a daughterPetronella DE MEEL
November 3, 1849

Birth of a sonJan Hendrik DE MEEL
about 1851

Birth of a daughterMaria Petronella DE MEEL
about 1852

Birth of a daughterHelena DE MEEL
April 18, 1854
Birth of a daughterAntonetta Florentina Wihelmina DE MEEL
about 1857

Marriage of a childJohannes Abraham RIJNDERSPetronella DE MEELView this family
April 29, 1874
Marriage of a childJan Hendrik DE MEELCatharina Theresia UBINKView this family
August 19, 1874

Birth of a grandsonJohannes Leonardus RIJNDERS
September 25, 1874
Birth of a grandsonPetrus RIJNDERS
April 20, 1876
Birth of a grandsonMartinus Petrus RIJNDERS
November 4, 1877
Marriage of a childAdam Eduard BECKERHelena DE MEELView this family
April 17, 1879

Marriage of a childJohannes Simon VON ZONMaria Petronella DE MEELView this family
August 27, 1879

Marriage of a childMartinus Petrus DE MEELChristina Johanna Theresia UBINKView this family
April 1, 1880

Birth of a grandsonJohannes Hendricus DE MEEL
about 1881
Birth of a grandsonHermanus Frederik RIJNDERS
November 16, 1882
Marriage of a childJohann Christoph Adam BECKERAntonetta Florentina Wihelmina DE MEELView this family
July 19, 1883

Birth of a grandsonPaulus DE MEEL
about 1884
Birth of a granddaughterAnna Magdalena RIJNDERS
January 31, 1884
Birth of a granddaughterHelena Maria RIJNDERS
June 22, 1885
Birth of a grandsonPaulus Cornelis RIJNDERS
August 18, 1887
Birth of a grandsonEduard Adam RIJNDERS
August 18, 1887
Death of a grandsonPaulus Cornelis RIJNDERS
September 22, 1887
Birth of a granddaughterCatharina Theresia RIJNDERS
March 13, 1889
Address: Amsterdam Korte Leidschedwarsstraat 141
Death of a grandsonEduard Adam RIJNDERS
June 15, 1889
Marriage of a granddaughterPetrus RIJNDERSLouisa Jane TINKLERView this family
January 1906
Marriage of a granddaughterHermanus Frederik RIJNDERSNeeltje MINNISView this family
October 30, 1913
Marriage of a granddaughterMartinus Petrus RIJNDERSSusanna SONEPOUSEView this family
September 7, 1921
Marriage of a grandsonPaulus DE MEELJohanna Elisabeth BERGMANNView this family
August 17, 1922
Marriage of a grandsonJohannes Hendricus DE MEELWijnanda Theodora Maria SPRENGERView this family
August 20, 1925

Marriage of a granddaughterCornelis MINNISAnna Magdalena RIJNDERSView this family
October 1, 1925

Death of a grandsonPetrus RIJNDERS
August 1, 1931 Age: 55

Family with Maria Petronella LOHUIS
Marriage: March 5, 1845
3 years
3 years
2 years
2 years
2 years
Birth: April 18, 1854Amsterdam, North Holland, The Netherlands
Death: January 7, 1936Amsterdam, North Holland, The Netherlands
4 years

No family available

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