Johannes MORA,

Johannes /MORA/
Given names

MarriageTrijntje POTHOVENView this family

Birth of a daughterReijertje MORA
about 1795

Marriage of a childAbraham RIJNDERSReijertje MORAView this family
May 6, 1818
Birth of a granddaughterJohanna RIJNDERS
August 28, 1818

Birth of a grandsonJohannes RIJNDERS
October 15, 1820
Birth of a granddaughterCatharina RIJNDERS
October 7, 1822
Birth of a granddaughterAlijda RIJNDERS
June 27, 1824
Birth of a grandsonHermanus RIJNDERS
January 20, 1826

Birth of a granddaughterGoosina RIJNDERS
October 19, 1827
Birth of a granddaughterPetronella RIJNDERS
March 6, 1829
Death of a granddaughterPetronella RIJNDERS
June 17, 1829
Birth of a granddaughterFrederika RIJNDERS
April 6, 1832
Death of a daughterReijertje MORA
March 16, 1836
Marriage of a granddaughterHermanus Johannes GIESKESJohanna RIJNDERSView this family
April 3, 1844
Marriage of a granddaughterJohannes RIJNDERSAnnaatje Magdalena ROELVINKView this family
March 29, 1851
Marriage of a granddaughterArnoldus KROLAlijda RIJNDERSView this family
August 9, 1854
Marriage of a granddaughterHermanus RIJNDERSDina BOSView this family
April 19, 1855
Marriage of a granddaughterGeurt KRAAIJENESTCatharina RIJNDERSView this family
July 3, 1867

No family available

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