Helen TELFER, 18541937 (aged 83 years)

Helen /TELFER/
Given names
Birth 1854 28 31
MarriageArchibald BRIDGESView this family

Birth of a sisterLillias TELFER
May 31, 1856 (aged 2 years)
Birth of a brotherJohn TELFER
1859 (aged 5 years)
Birth of a sisterAgnes Jane TELFER
August 22, 1862 (aged 8 years)
Marriage of a siblingDavid WIGHTMANLillias TELFERView this family
July 16, 1879 (aged 25 years)
Marriage of a siblingJohn TELFERCatherine MELVILLEView this family
June 27, 1884 (aged 30 years)
Marriage of a siblingJames ANDERSONAgnes Jane TELFERView this family
December 18, 1885 (aged 31 years)
Death of a fatherJohn TELFORD
May 1899 (aged 45 years)
Address: 62 High Street, Loanhead, Lasswade, Scotland
Cause: Cause of death: diabetic coma (2 days). He was 77 years old.
Death of a motherJanet ANDERSON
September 14, 1900 (aged 46 years)
Marriage of a siblingAlexander HOBSONLillias TELFERView this family
1906 (aged 52 years)
Death of a husbandArchibald BRIDGES
February 17, 1913 (aged 59 years)
Death of a sisterJessie TELFER
January 5, 1917 (aged 63 years)
Address: 4 Fowler Terrace, Fountainbridge, Edinburgh
Cause: Stroke
Note: Jessie dies (aged 68) of a stroke. She hangs on for 8 months before she dies. Her daughter Elizabeth (married name, Weir) registers the death.
Death of a sisterMatilda TELFER
May 27, 1930 (aged 76 years)
Address: 38 Glover Street, Leith, Edinburgh
Cause: Cardiac failure
Note: Matilda Telfer dies, aged 75 of cardiac failure. She is recorded as 'widow of Thomas Syme Middleton, grocer's assistant'. There is no record of their marriage. Priscilla Middleton, daughter-in-law, is present at death.
Burial of a sisterMatilda TELFER
1930 (aged 76 years)
Address: Seafield Cemetery, Edinburgh, Scotland
Death of a brotherJohn TELFER
February 5, 1935 (aged 81 years)
Address: Brunswick Road, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland
Death December 24, 1937 (aged 83 years)
Family with parents
Birth: March 20, 1825 32 26Gilmerton, Midlothian, Scotland
Death: May 1899Loanhead, Lasswade, Scotland
Birth: 1823Gilmerton, Midlothian, Scotland
Death: September 14, 1900Loanhead, Lasswade, Scotland
Marriage: June 16, 1846Liberton, Midlothian, Scotland
3 years
elder sister
Birth: 1848 22 25Gilmerton, Midlothian, Scotland
Death: January 5, 1917Fountainbridge, Edinburgh, Scotland
5 years
elder sister
Birth: 1852 26 29Gilmerton, Midlothian, Scotland
Death: May 27, 1930Leith, Edinburgh, Scotland
3 years
Birth: 1854 28 31Gilmerton, Midlothian, Scotland
Death: December 24, 1937Elgin, Ontario, Canada
2 years
younger sister
Birth: May 31, 1856 31 33Gilmerton, Midlothian, Scotland
Death: February 3, 1941Concord, New South Wales, Australia
4 years
younger brother
Birth: 1859 33 36Gilmerton, Midlothian, Scotland
Death: February 5, 1935Midlothian, Scotland
4 years
younger sister
1928 Agnes Jane Telfer
Birth: August 22, 1862 37 39Liberton, Midlothian, Scotland
Death: January 1, 1944St Andrews, Fife, Scotland
Family with Archibald BRIDGES
Birth: February 19, 1849Prestonkerk. East Lothian, Scotland
Death: February 17, 1913Yarmouth, Elgin County, Ontario, Canada
Birth: 1854 28 31Gilmerton, Midlothian, Scotland
Death: December 24, 1937Elgin, Ontario, Canada

In 1911, Helen and Archibald, with their entire family, emigrate to Canada. They sail from Glasgow on the SS Casandra. Daughters Jessie and Helen have been in Canada for a number of years. The Bridges family initially settle with married daughter Helen

Helen TELFER has 1 first cousin recorded

Father's family (1)

Parents William TELFORD + Janet ADIE
1 William John TELFORD 18561933

Mother's family (0)

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