1923 Marriage of Johannes Hoberg and Alida Christina Kuilboer

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Title: 1923 Marriage of Johannes Hoberg and Alida Christina Kuilboer
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1923 Marriage of Johannes Hoberg and Alida Christina Kuilboer

Sourced from the ‘Genealogie Familie Kuilboer Deel 1 by S.F.Vale’

Photo recording probably on 16 August 1923 in Amsterdam on the occasion of the marriage Johannes Hoberg / Alida Christina Kuilboer (E2-1) x (E2) in Amsterdam. from left to right;

  1. Johannes Hoberg, (Jo). (E2-1). born August 16, 1898 in Amsterdam. 2 + 3 unknown. (or perhaps Herman Hoberg the father of Johannes and Oirkje Boogaard the mother of Johannes Hoberg)?
  2. Alida Christina Kuilboer, (Alie). (E2). born January 11, 1897 in Amsterdam.
  3. Cornelia Bartels, (Opoe). (09-2). born February 9, 1872 in Amsterdam.
  4. unknown driver.
  5. Jan Kuilboer, (Jan) (09). born November 7, 1863 in Heerhugowaard
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