1942 Alphonus Kuilboer Printing test result

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Title: 1942 Alphonus Kuilboer Printing test result
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1942 Alphonus Kuilboer Printing test result

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District doctrine (engineering committee • for Amsterdam and surroundings referred to in Article '12 Student regulations in typography Report re-examination no 2 training. To the parents and the sponsor of den is hereby notified that at the held biannual search, in accordance with the regulations of the Leertingen regulation, his progress— rings have proved to be sufficient and thus promoted until the third grade. To the instituted according to the relevant articles of the Apprentices Regulation the student obtained the following grades: a. b. c. d. e. f. distribute put staking out pages essay theory in writing kentfiseNederI. language.- .. V total te rdam 8 5 10 7 8 45 6 seven-average final grade. Name s the district student committee, Chairman. secretary. Pine tree . 41 Value det figures: 1 Very poor. 2 Bad. 3 Very unsatisfactory. 4 Insufficient. 5. Biina sufficient. 6 Adequate. 7 More than enough. S Good 9 Is good. 10 Excellent.

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